00475 - Cinema Roads to the Platonic Image of the Cave

00475 - Cinema Roads to the Platonic Image of the Cave
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Pau Gilabert Barberà
01 Gener 2003
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Key words: Plato’s cave, classical tradition, Greek philosophy, The Truman Show, The Conformist, Shadowlands, A Room with a View, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Brideshead Revisited, Peter Weir, B. Bertolucci, Richard Attenborough, James Ivory, Albert Lewin, Charles Sturridge, Alberto Moravia, C. S. Lewis, E. M. Forster, Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh

The aim of this article is to prove the real possibility of travelling intellectually to the Platonic image of the cave from different films. In this sense, one can speak of explicit references as in The Conformist by B. Bertolucci or in Shadowlands by R. Attenborough -if one bears in mind the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis- or The Picture of Dorian Gray ¿if one bears in mind the well-known O. Wilde¿s novel-, but, on other occasions, although the Platonic influence cannot be proved, for instance in The Truman Show, A Room with a View or Brideshead Revisited, one can perfectly think of these films in order to guide the contemporary audiences to that Platonic image, since Plato himself affirms that it deals with an image which can be easily applied and, in first place, to his idealistic philosophy.